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reduce hair fall reduce hair fall

Hair fall can be a traumatic experience. If you are exceeding more than 100 strands a day then you need to take a quick look at your lifestyle. Here are some important tips that can help you tackle your thinning locks.


It’s imperative to understand your hair type and choose shampoo accordingly. Plus you need to wash your hair depending on your hair type. For example, over washing dry hair scalp more frequently can lead to hair fall, or not washing oily locks thrice a week can also give the same results.


A good conditioner can make hair soft and shiny. It unlocks hair and helps to keep them smooth and untangled. Take a good conditioner as per hair type and from the mid length start applying till the ends making it free of knots as well as dryness.

Diet and Exercise

Nothing can beat the importance of right diet and exercise. Make sure to include lots of protein and iron intake in your diet. Excluding crash diets as they may unnecessary complicate health matters. Also, don’t forget to ignore the importance of yoga and meditation in improving your overall health.

Chemical Treatments

Undergoing rigorous chemical treatments like straightening, perming, colouring etc can ruin the condition of your hair and make it filled with chemicals. Further, avoid using blow dryers, curling rods, and even if you do so then apply anti-heat treatment sprays that protects your hair from harmful effects of the heat.


It’s a proven fact that oiling improves hair texture and increases blood circulation. Don’t forget to massage your scalp once a week with an oil of your choice, be it olive, coconut, almond or mustard. Cover it with a shower cap and wash it off with a mild shampoo after two hours.

Get Regular Trims

Hair generally tends to get dry near the tips, and a good trim in every six to eight weeks can help to solve the woes. Damaged hair has very dry ends and can easily ruin the look of your hair as well slow down the growth.

So, here were some good tips to reduce hairfall easily and keep your hair healthy and happy. If you have any other tip or trick you'd like to share with us, feel free and comment below. We'd be happy to get in touch with you!

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