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evolution of hairstyles evolution of hairstyles

Remember when getting ready used to mean wearing a good dress and putting on some makeup? Well, those times are far behind now. With the evolution of beauty industry, one more industry that has emerged drastically is hair. From just letting hair down with a dress, to styling them and caring for them, the hair industry is booming and seems like it’s going to reach new heights now.

History is a proof that hairstyling dates back to ancient times where, for instance, the Greeks were into beard trimming, ancient Egyptian women such as our beautiful Cleopatra, used to adorn her hair with gold ornaments. This assures us that people have always loved their hair, the only thing lacking was the choices as they had limited options.

Here is a glimpse of how hair might have played a role in ancient times.

10,000 B.C.

Cavemen used sharp rocks, shells or flint to scrape hair from their face and head.

1300 B.C.

The Egyptian craze was to shave head and wear a wig.  Additionally, this trend included women as well.

1500 B.C.

The ancient Egyptians used henna to color their hair, a technique that still persists today.

500 B.C.

By 500 B.C., hairstyling had developed a lot in art form in ancient Greece.  You’d be surprised to know that the word “Cosmetology” comes from the Greek word “kosmetikos”, that means “skilled in cosmetics.”

400 B.C.

Ancient Greeks started curling hair with bronze rods.

300 B.C.

Hairstyling had become really popular and hair color started determining the class you belonged to.

This was just a glimpse of the past, moving on to the modern world, what took the stage by storm were hairstyles like bobs, pixies, layered and many more. We believe that hairstyling changes with the changing mindsets and lifestyles of people. The more people become conscious and aware of the surroundings and of themselves, the better they will be able to decipher the hidden strength of a hairstyle.

Signing off for now, we will surely be back with another delightful hair care and style blog. Stay tuned to know more about everything related from Keratin Treatment to Deep Conditioning.

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