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Taking care of hair is not really an easy job! From washing to drying, from coloring to styling, it involves multitudes of processes. India, a country filled with beauty all around, people want to look good and their best every single minute. And, trust us, the salons worldwide are trying their best to make you look beautiful every day.

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With the upcoming demands and the new age technology, it has become vital for the consumer and the technical, both, to stay updated with all the happenings of the hair industry. Hence, we at Auraine Botanicals, ensured that everyone should know the ins and outs of this industry. With this thought in mind, we commenced on a journey full of learning and fun, Auraine Botanicals has proudly taken the initiative of apprising the customers and technicals about the know how of hair industry through their cluster trainings, seminars, and workshops all across India.

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Successfully completed over a dozen of such events, Auraine is on the right path of enlightening the world about how big and beautiful the hair industry is and how it is here to stay!

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