Beauty Tips For Men

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Beauty Tips For Men

Shaving should be a regular affair

Make shaving a daily habit. The unkempt hair looks extremely unprofessional and so you must use a good quality razor be it electric or manual to achieve that clean and fresh look every morning.

Keeps your nails short and clean

The condition of your hands depicts how well you take care of them. Long, black and brittle nails simply look outdated. The nails must be regularly trimmed on weekly basis and on special occasions nourishing manicure can be a good option.

Cleansing face

Pollution, dirt and germ can turn your skin polluted and dull. Daily commuting in open air which is filled with chemicals can clog your pores and even cause skin allergies. Invest in a good face wash and dedicatedly use it every morning and evening. A face wash as per your skin type will keep face clean and less prone to breakouts.

Exfoliate the face

Compared to women men have thicker skin which tends to get oily, dirty and is also prone to breakouts and blackheads quickly. Exfoliating skin via a good quality scrub can simply remove dead skin and dirt from the face. The scrub contains particles that act as an excellent agent in making skin squeaky clean and clear.

Moisturizers are a must

Moisturizers should be incorporated in your daily grooming regime. Moisturizers are both for your face and body and after shower should be used to keep skin moist and well nourished. They are many variants available in the market, choose as per your skin and weather type. Also, don’t forget to look for sun protection that contains minimum SPF of 30.

Lips must not be ignored

Cracked and chapped lips can be a big turnoff. Keep your lips soft and supple with lip balms that are specifically targeting the men folk. The lips don’t have sweat glands or the oil store and thus easily becomes dry and prone to chapping. Organic versions are also trending as it contains beeswax, jojoba, avocado and peppermint oils which is skin friendly in nature.

Anti-aging creams

Men can tend to look older if they ignore their skin for long. There are plethora of anti-aging products that can be purchased depending on your skin type. The cream should contain special and natural ingredients that fights all signs of anti-aging making skin hydrated and moisturized.

White teeth

Oral health is as important as your skin care. Look for a good toothpaste that combats tooth related issues such as tooth decay, foul smell, germs and provides brightness to teeth. Keep your smile intact by brushing twice a day and don’t forget to use a mouth freshener for getting fresh breath.

Hair care

Well-kept hair can attract many eyeballs. Look for natural ingredients in shampoos & conditioners that suits your hair type. You can also pamper yourself with deep conditioning, hot oil treatments and spas once in forth nightly. Eyes

Eye skin is tissue-thin, dry, and folds on itself — factors that increase absorption and therefore sensitivity, says Heidi Waldorf, MD, a New York-based derm. The area around eyes is sensitive and is prone to wrinkles and crow’s feet. Therefore to keep eyes clean, hydrated and fresh it is important to use good quality and nourishing eye creams. The eyes also have different issues than the rest of your face, so a specialized cream is key, says Frauke Neuser, PhD, principal scientist for Olay.

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