7 Easy, Unique & Trendy Salon Decorating Ideas

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7 Easy, Unique & Trendy Salon Decorating Ideas

Studies have shown that the nuances of Interior design often has a deep emotional impact on the subconscious. Gone are the days when splurging on salon interiors was considered as a waste of money or just the elite’s way of showing their interest in the finer things in life. With time, investing in interiors has become the norm, and today it is a process that provides customers with aesthetically appealing spaces and décor which make them feel calm, serene and welcome.

There is no doubt that beautiful interiors plays a critical role in revamping the look of any given space. And when comes to salons, one has to be all the more cautious to keep tab of what’s the current trend in the salon industry. Good interiors act a catalyst to create a personal relationship that provides utmost comfort, relaxation and makes the clients want to visit again.

Current salon trends when it comes to interiors:

Being quirky: Revamping the look of any dull space in your salon with quirky ideas can help define the personality of your salon. Old furniture or boring wall arts can be given a new look with motifs that resonates with the ideology and theme of your salon.

Usage of outdoor space: To increase footfalls, don’t forget to take a look at your outdoor space. As they say first impression is the last impression so it’s important to keep the outdoors inviting, creative and indicative of your salon values. Make the entrance a statement, a projection of yourself to the outside world.

Bold statement furniture: Furniture plays a vital role when it comes to salons. However, along with serving the basic necessity of comfort, furniture also serve as a décor item. Adding bold piece of furniture like sofa, chairs in different colours, designs can garner compliments from customers. But make sure to create the right balance between comfort and being contemporary in outlook.

Maximizing comfort through music: Clients means business. And that’s why one shouldn’t leave any stone unturned to make the patrons feel comfortable. Soothing music is often neglected aspect of creating comfort and can often facilitate the customers in connecting with their inner self and feel rejuvenated.

Cohesiveness: Other vital spaces such as washrooms, reception, waiting area, pantry & other hidden spaces should not remain unkept and unattractive. It should equally delight the client as your main salon area does. There should be a cohesiveness and intertwined synergy in the way the interiors stand out.

Tiles: Differently designed tiles in various patterns, cuts are really in vogue these days. For instance black tiles on floors with any color on walls add a touch of elegance, style and uniqueness.

Use the right lighting: Attractive chandeliers, bulbs or lighting created out of junk artefacts can light up any dull or gloomy space. Lighting fixtures should be chosen with care so that it not only creates a bright environment, but also correct lighting for salon work to be carried on.

Balance is the key while designing any salon space into an impressive, beautiful and stylish facility.

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