8 Common Hair Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Immediately

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8 Common Hair Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Immediately

Having a super lustrous and healthy locks is every girls dream. But as we live in an environment filled with dust, grime and pollution it can turn your hair looking lifeless and dull. The way you wash, dry and style your hair can directly affect the health and appearance of your hair.

“Beautiful looking hair demands proper care and attention. The most common mistake that people commit is using wrong products as per hair type. As there are so many products in the market, people often get confused and invest in wrong shampoos or conditioners. Also, the growing pollution levels are casting havoc on hairs.” Informs, Mohan Chandramouleeswaran Raman, Technical Head, Auraine Botanicals. Raman Also advices on common mistakes that you should shun right away

  1. Avoiding a haircut: It’s essential to cut the hair frequently in order for hair to grow healthier and stronger. Regular trimming helps to keep split-ends at bay and makes hair healthy and strong.


  1. Over-washing: Over washing your hair with shampoo can leave hair dry and strip all the natural oils present in the scalp. Hair should be washed maximum every other alternate day or only twice a week.


  1. Not enough protection: Not protecting hair from the sun can really turn your hair dry, brittle and result in colour fading. Hair needs to restore nourishment and stay protected after sun exposure especially in the summer months.


  1. Not cleaning your hair as you would your skin: We live in an environment which is filled with ever increasing dust, pollution and dirt. These atmospheric agent causes build-up along with lack of shine and dandruff. The scalp also needs to freely breathe and be washed on a regular basis to combat any such issues that can further damage the hair quality.


  1. Intense towel drying: Rubbing your wet hair with a towel can lead to friction that can damage hair follicles and create dullness in hair. Instead of towel use a soft fibre material cloth that is much smoother and softer for hair drying use.


  1. Combing wet hair: Your wet hair is not as strong as you might consider. Brushing hair immediately after washing can stretch your strand and cause massive breakage. Also brushing hair vigorously can further lead to damaged and frizzy strands.


  1. Skipping Heat Protection: Heat is one of the most damaging hair elements that can turn hair dry, frizzy and prone to spilt-ends. However, if you are habitual to blow-drying, straightening or curling, then start using heat protective shield to smoothen your dry and frizzy hair.


  1. Applying conditioner on the scalp: The biggest mistakes which many of us make is using conditioner on the scalp instead of the hair length. Wrong application of conditioner can clog your follicles and slow your hair growth.

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